Wide Format Printing

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We offer "heat shoe" laminates that go on to the product warm as well as pressure sensitive laminates.

We have 3 finishes to choose from.
All 3 laminate finishes we use add extra UV protection from the sun. 98% of the lamination that our customers request is Satin/Lustor. It has a nice finish that is not real shiny or too muted down. It's ideal for almost any use and easy to clean.

The other 2 finishes we offer are Glossy and Matte.
The Glossy is just that. Very glossy with a very high reflective look. This is good for many uses, but certainly not all. Any situation where there is a lot of light, or lighting from multiple directions, this is not a good choice.

The Matte mutes the colors so much that we seldom use or recommend it. On a rare occasion a client has a very specific look that they want and we will use for that.

We offer 3 types of lamination techniques.
Lamination: has laminate on the front side only. We do this for all mounted pieces and even suggest it if the print is going under glass

Laminate front & back: has laminate on the front and the back, but has no plastic edge. This is a very common choice.

Encapsulation: has laminate on the front and back and DOES have a small plastic edge, usually about 1/8".

The 3rd area to cover with the laminates is the thickness. We offer 3 mil. in the Satin/Lustor, Glossy & Matte. We offer 5 mil. in the Satin/Lustor & Glossy. We offer 10 mil. in Glossy only

If you need something that is not listed, or have questions about our capabilities to help you with a project, we're only a phone call away. After all, we're here to serve YOU.


Most of the decision of what material to mount to comes from the end use, not from personal choice or preference. Most materials are good for some uses and bad for others. If you are unsure of your options, do not hesitate calling us. We'll be happy to help make the best decision for you, your specific needs, your customer, and your budget.

Materials that we have on had at all times are listed below. I have also listed some options that might be available, that we don't always have on hand, but that we can get.

White Fome-Cor:
Fome-Cor is a soft skinned material. It is good to use for a single day, or other very short term event. It can also be used with smaller "Counter Top" displays with Easel-Backs applied. Fome-Cor tends to warp quickly, and once warped´┐Żit stays that way. It is also easy to dent if pressed on and those dents do not go away. Fome-Cor has a lot of great uses, and we use a lot of it, but it's good for everything.

We have 3/16" thickness on hand at all times. Fome-Cor comes in black, but the inner material is actually weaker than the white, so we always suggest White Fome-Cor. We get people that prefer the black, or the artwork itself works better on black, but for the most part we recommend white.

Black Gatorfoam:
Gatorfoam is a rigid and thick skinned material. It holds it shape very well. We've had some experience that, due to extreme weather conditions (such as very high heat combined with very low humidity) the Gator did warp, but as soon as the conditions got back to 'normal' so did the Gator.

We have 3/16" and 1/2" thickness on hand at all times. Gatorfoam comes in white as well, but the material is more brittle than the black and we find that most requests are for Black Gator. We often apply Black Edge Tape to the Gator (this is covered in more detail on the "Accessories" page We can special order 1" material for very specific uses and we don't recommend it.

General Rule of Thumb: White Fome-Cor or Black Gator

Digital Printing

We are very proud of our digital printer. We don't advertise what it is, but we lovingly call it "The Whitener 8000" (one of our clients&friends called it that, and the name just stuck).

We can print on 'up to' 14 point cover stock (NOT ANY, but we have found one that runs well). The maximum size sheet we can run is 13 x 19, but we only carry this as a special order, so plan ahead and let us know in advance if you need this extra size.

We can run 2-sided as well. Heavy stocks require manual feeds for this, but we can do it . . .

Standard Stocks we carry at all times:
#22 Bond (Bright White)
#28 Color Copy (Brilliant White)
#32 Color Copy (Brilliant White)

Premium Stocks we carry at all times:
Text Weights (all white):
#80 Glossy & #100 Glossy

Cover Weights (all white):
#80 Glossy & #100 Glossy

Card Stocks (all white):
12 pt. Glossy & 14 pt. Glossy

(if you notice a "glossy theme" here, you're right. We carry what our clients ask for, and pretty much??? They ask for Glossy Stocks.)

This will be covered in better detail under "FINISHING", but our finishing options include stapling, hole punching, folding and saddle-stitching.

If you need something that is not listed, or have questions about our capabilities to help you with a project, we're only a phone call away. After all, we're here to serve YOU.


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Wide Format Accessories

There are as many Accessories for these displays as you could ask for, all final decisions should be based on your needs and the duration of time the display is expected to be in use as well as all other expectations the end user may have.

Black Edge Tape:
This is a specialty tape that we apply over the edges of Gatorfoam. It looks wonderful when used and just adds a very nice professionally finished look. It comes in 1/2" or 1" thickness only. It is not available in 3/16". So if you want edge tape, we suggest 1/2".

Free Standing:
We have a wide assortment of "Easel-Back" sizes on hand for application to your countertop, or other point-of-purchase displays.

We don't put "Grommets" just on banners. We put grommets into Sintra or Gatorfoam. We can also apply a wide variety of wire hangers to hang displays from ceilings, roofs or other objects.

Trade Show:
We offer a Velcro to attach your display to a wall, or trade show booth display.

Attaching to Walls:
We can cut and apply "Cleats" or "Hanging Blocks". We make these from a variety of material depending on the desired effect and materials being used. They attach the display firmly to the wall and add some distance as well. Typically we make 1/4" wood or 1/2" Gator Cleats. We can also supply attractive "Stand Offs", or provide simple Poster Tape.

If you're looking for something that is not listed, please give us a call. We probably offer it, or can get it, or can do it. If you have any questions about a project, we're only a phone call away. After all, we're here to serve YOU.

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